4 ways to increase space in your home (without having to move)

We are living in an era where space is most definitely at a premium. With the average price per square foot in W3 at £735, it’s no wonder that most homeowners are looking to make the most out of the existing space in their homes wherever possible. Reasons for needing additional space can vary – while of course for many, as your family expands you require additional room, there can also be many other factors that contribute to requiring smart... Read more

Future Proofing Your Home

When you move or think about refurbishing your home, you will probably consider major areas such as your brand new kitchen, or how you will arrange your furniture in your living room space. What’s easier to overlook is how you will continue to live in your home further into the future. The fact is, people are living much longer lives, and for most of us, we would like to do so as independently as we can, staying in your homes for as long as is ... Read more